Across the financial, retail, gaming and CIT industries, we’re helping our customers automate their cash processes to increase efficiency, enhance security and release staff to focus on the experience they deliver. Understanding each customer’s specific challenges allows us to design custom solutions that deliver real improvements in business performance.

About us

Kaskade was founded in with its headquarters in Prishtina.

From its establishment until today, we have grown into a leader in the domestic market in the field of sales of banking, cash and security equipment and maintenance of the same.

The sales range of the Kaskade includes high quality products from a large number of world-famous manufacturers such as: Wertheim, Glory, Lidix, Hyundai MIB International, Kisan, Suzhou Ribao Technology, SOUTH Automation Int., QEX, Orfix, Diplomat Safe, SealValue, SealSeals



Point of Sale Cash Recycling

Speeding up cash collection at the point of sale, in order to reduce customer waiting time and provide a more personalised service.

Back Office Retail Cash Recycling

Eliminating cash discrepancies and performing cash management processing more quickly and without errors.

Assisted Service

Combine the convenience of self-service with the personal touch of the teller counter.





Paper money counters


Counterfeit money detectors


Founded in Japan in 1918. A pioneer in building the foundations of what is today a cash-processing product industry. World recognition for sophisticated products and advanced technologies.


 Founded in 1998 in China. It operates according to the international quality system ISO 9001 and CCC CE, RoHS, UL, FCC standards. 


For more than 30 years is one of the leading companies in the production of counters and sorters with advanced counterfeit detection capabilities. In 2010, they received the IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award as a result of decades of experience and ensuring the highest quality and reliability of money processing devices.


The world’s first fully automated production of safety seals. Unique, patented printing technology gives superior results on seals! The company has ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates .

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